Self-Checkout Lanes Make Convenience Even More Convenient

Retail is evolving and so are the needs of your customers. Today, consumers expect the option of using self-checkout lanes to be available because they make light shopping quick and easy.

With over 35 years of experience providing innovative point of sale solutions, AM/PM has the serviceability and expertise to take your self-checkout project from start to finish and beyond. Explore our featured self-checkout lanes or contact us for our full range of solutions today.

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More Revenue

Increase customer throughput with more options to pay. Plus, collect more revenue from opportunities to upsell and increase overall basket size.

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Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience with user-friendly interfaces, and another way to pay reducing checkout queues in store.

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Post-COVID Safety

In a post-COVID era, safety should be top of mind. Self-checkout is an easy-to-clean solution enabling more customer throughput with less cashier interaction.

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The Future is Now

Stay competitive in the retail market by investing in the innovative self-checkout technology your customers have come to love and expect.

Exceptional benefits worth investing in

Innovative retailers today have come to realize that customers appreciate and expect the convenience of self-service checkouts in store and understand that the benefits extend far beyond the bottom line. Put simply, self-checkout lanes are more efficient and lead to better profits for the store. Contact AM/PM’s knowledgable team and discover the solution right for you today.

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Self-Checkout is

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AM/PM has been a trusted partner of NCR self-checkout solutions since the technology was first unveiled. Today, AM/PM is proud to offer NCR, Toshiba, and Diebold Nixdorf self-checkout solutions across North America. When combined with our coast-to-coast serviceability, our solutions come equipped with all of the features and support you need to streamline your operations and boost your profit margin. No matter where your business takes you, AM/PM’s knowledgeable team is ready to exceed your expectations in project management, deployment, service, and everything in between.

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Letting the ROI
speak for itself

As self-checkout solutions continue to advance, many retailers are enjoying huge success in adoption and ROI. On average with AM/PM, the ROI on self-checkout lanes can be achieved in as little as 18 months making it an enticing option for growing retailers. Contact us for a free consultation to determine if self-service solutions are right for your business today.

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Bringing Front-End

Transformation to Retail

AM/PM’s advanced and well-established partners have the edge on grocery technology. Explore how Toshiba’s modern, modular self-service solution enables you to control your shopping journey by transforming your front-end checkout. Together we help grocers adapt, grow, and thrive both today and for the future.

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Discover our full range of self-checkout solutions from the leading brands you know and trust.

Connect with an AM/PM Point of Sale Expert to determine your ROI and to find the solution that’s right for your business today.

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Providing the Next Generation of Exceptional Self-Checkout Technology.

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Experience our exceptional live Customer Support services to complete our one-stop-shop POS Solution.

Coast-to-Coast Service Coverage Across North America

AM/PM offers point-of-sale service coverage across the North America. No matter where you are in the United States, you can count on us to quickly repair, install, or troubleshoot your POS system.

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24/7 Software Help Desk & Toll-Free Call Centre Support

Call our toll-free, 24/7 Call Centre who can quickly assess your situation and direct you to our Software Help Desk or hardware technicians. Don’t risk downtime, keep business going with AM/PM.

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Customizable Support Contracts & Service Level Agreements

With AM/PM Systems you can build a service contract to match the needs of your operations. From 24/7 support to occasional repairs, find a plan best fit for you.

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Over 30 Years of Point of Sale Service Excellence

With over 30 years in the point of sale industry, AM/PM Systems has earned a reputation of dependability, consistency, and professionalism. Trust us to exceed your POS service needs.

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Our authorized regional service centres are equipped with the right tools and certified staff to quickly repair your malfunctioning equipment.

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Our on-site technicians are certified, trained, and available 24/7 to resolve your point-of-sale hardware-related issues quickly and effectively.

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