Digitizing your operation one shelf at a time.

Grocers are transforming their shopping experience worldwide. With over 86 million labels supplied to 8,000+ stores, and counting, discover your return on investment with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) today.

SOLUM ESL provided by AM/PM Systems will modernize your business. Add the convenience of updating your pricing, streamlining your order fulfillment process, and managing your inventory more efficiently - all while enhancing your green footprint from one, complete solution. Ask us about SOLUM Newton Electronic Shelf Labels today.

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Your digital journey begins with AM/PM

Introducing the SOLUM Newton Electronic Shelf Label, the fully-automated system for all your workflows. Supported and provided by AM/PM across North America, together we offer unmatched possibilities.

AM/PM brings Grocery POS Software together with SOLUM

We bridge together two of the industries premier grocery solutions to improve your bottom line.

AM/PM Systems provides powerful POS software, LOC Store Management Suite, that can drive your daily retail operations from price updates to inventory controls. When combined with SOLUM Newton Electronic Shelf Labels, it creates a centralized, integrated solution that will enhance your workflows.

Once installed, up to 3,000 tags can be updated within 5 minutes across your entire store. With significant savings on labor compared to traditional paper price tags, electronic shelf labels are among the leading edge technologies setting retailers apart from their competition.

Ampm, Solum, Loc circle graphic

Multiple Sizes for Limitless Creativity

SOLUM ESL screen sizes range from 1.6 to 11.6 inches, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from.

Select a Size:


Dimensions (WxHxD): 36.7 × 45.0 × 13.1 (mm) / 1.4 x 1.7 x 0.5 (in)
Active Display Area: 27.0 × 27.0 (mm) / 1.0 x 1.0 (in)
Resolution 200 x 200 pixels
Pixel Density: 184 dpi
Pixel colorurs BW / BWR / BWY
Page Capacity: Up to 7 pages
Battery: CR2450 battery x 1 each
Protection: IP67 Certified
Wireless Firmware Updates: Yes
External Components:

2 buttons and 7 LED lights

(Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Cyan / Magenta / White)

1.6 inch SOLUM

Features That Are Setting SOLUM’s
Newton Electronic Shelf Labels Apart


Built-In, Reliable
Protective Cover

SOLUM’s Newton Electronic Shelf Labels were designed with durability in mind. The new screen protective cover increases the durability of the label screen by up to 80% - enabling it to handle up to 323kg/m/sqm or 712lb/in/sqm of shock. Not only does the protective cover make it safer from potential hazards, it protect your investment so it lasts.

SOLUM Newton - Built-In Protective Cover Feature

IP67 Certified

SOLUM’s Newton Electronic Shelf Labels have an IP rating of 67, meaning they offer total protection against dust particles. Thanks to the completely sealed screen, they can even be submerged for as long as 30 minutes in up to 1 metre of water protecting your investment from accidental spills or unforseen events.

SOLUM Newton - IP67 Water & Dust-Proof Feature

Custom Designs
& Branding

Incorporate specific colours, patterns and branding to make your messaging stand out and jump off the screen. Differentiate your business from your compeition and enhance brand awareness throughout the store.

SOLUM Newton - Custom Designs Feature

7-Color LED
Indicator Lights

Tired of long manuals with complex instructions and pages of information? SOLUM’s Newton Electronic Shelf Labels can now communicate and notify you with a single blinking light. The LED emits a variation of 7 different colours, and is viewable from a 180-degree angle.

SOLUM Newton - 7-Color LED Feature

Up to 7-Page

Your customers require information about your products to be accessible. From allergy triggers to instructions to expiry dates. SOLUM’s Newton Electronic Shelf Labels are able to store and display all that is needed to know about a product into up to 7 pages worth of information. Even display special promotional screens for specific products which can be customized to fit your needs.

SOLUM Newton - Up to 7-Page Capacity Feature

60+ RF

Instead of 16 RF channels like many other ESL on the market today, SOLUM’s Newton Electronic Shelf Labels offer more than 60. With Automatic channel selection as a standard feature, enjoy collision-free communication between your labels and the Gateway. While uncommon, should connectivity issues ever arise, Trust AM/PM’s knowledgable Point of Sale Experts to provide your business with 24/7 remote or on-site support.

SOLUM Newton - 60RF Channels Feature

Battery Life

Choose SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels, the trusted option with 2x the battery life*. Display more for longer and significantly reduce your labor cost.

When it comes time to change the batteries, the device will flash its indicator LED’s to clearly inform staff.

SOLUM Newton - 10 Year Battery Life Feature


SOLUM designed its Newton Electronic Shelf Labels with two programmable buttons to elevate their functionality. They can be assigned with simple or complex actions, from seeking customer service to completing a picking process. Set custom commands for more user- interactive functions like change page, call for a store associate, report low stock, or send system reports.

AM/PM Service’s knowledgeable team of experts are able to provide you with the guidance and training you need to feel confident in transitioning from paper labels to your new system.

SOLUM Newton - Multifunctional Buttons Feature

Location-Based Service

Imagine a system that makes it easier for your managers and store employees to find the right location of a product. With SOLUM Newton Electronic Shelf Labels, that’s now possible. You can even significantly improve your customer experience by enabling your shoppers to use their phone to find products right in the aisle of your store. As items are taken off the shelves, SOLUM ESL’s will notify staff of which shelves need refilling to keep stock presentable and fully available.

SOLUM Newton - Location Based Service (LBS) Feature

Near-Field Communication

SOLUM’s Newton Electronic Shelf Labels feature built-in Near-Field Communication (NFC) capabilities that enable your shoppers to interact with the labels by scanning to perform a variety options. Scanning the barcode allows customers to bring up additional product information, add the item to their online cart, make mobile payments at self-checkout lanes, download current digital coupons or be informed of upcoming promotions.

The opportunities to create a seamless shopping experience in-store and online is possible with SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels provided by AM/PM Service.

SOLUM Newton Near Field Communication Feature

Features That Are Setting SOLUM’s
Newton Electronic Shelf Labels Apart


Refined Design & Resolution

Sleek and straightforward, SOLUM Newton ESL give a premium look to wherever you choose to put it. Your customers will appreciate the crisp resolution, now 20% better!

Easy Locking System

Installation and removal has never been easier with Newton’s easy locking system. You won’t need any tools for installation and just the Newton remover to detach a tag from the shelves effortlessly.

Easy Battery Replacement

Each ESL unit comes with its own battery, which can be easily replaced manually in store. Simply request an affordable replacement battery pack when you notice your tags are running low on battery.

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Solum Electronic Shelf Labels
SOLUM AIMS laptop screenshot

SOLUM AIMS is the Advanced System behind managing all your Newton Electronic Shelf Labels from one workspace.

SOLUM’s Advanced Information Management System (AIMS) is your central command center for all Newton Electronic Shelf Labels throughout your store. AIMS intuitive dashboard shows the summary information for all stores. such as:

  • The number and online/offline status of Gateways
  • The number and online/offline status of Newton labels
  • Information/configuration of Gateways
  • Detailed status of Gateways
  • The number and list of labels associated with each Gateway
  • Abnormal labels, such as those with low battery and bad RF signal strength
  • Update status, view labels by status
  • Detailed information on labels and image preview
  • Timeout labels

The AIMS software server can be deployed in three environments - On-Site, SaaS, or Central Server/Cloud. All these options can be connected to existing data.







Discover which system is right for you:

Compare SOLUM AIMS Systems

Easily edit and
design ESL’s with
AIMS Layout Designer

AIMS comes with an easy and user-friendly Layout Designer tool that allows you to design your Newton Electronic Shelf Labels to fit the products you sell or to match your store’s branding.

Electronic shelf labels
SOLUM ESL Mobile Manager

AIMS Mobile ESL App

SOLUM AIMS Web PDA/Mobile Application provides a web-based ESL management software for in-store PDA and mobile devices (Android or iOS). This enables your staff to manage your ESL’s remotely across your business premises right from their mobile device at a touch of a button.

SOLUM gATEwAYS are the Backbone of your ESL System

SOLUM Gateways are critical in making your entire Newton Electronic Shelf Label system work. The Gatways act as access points that transmit your important ESL data such as images, price, and product updates from your AIMS server. Choose between SOLUM’s traditional Gateway option and it’s stand-alone USB version.


The traditional SOLUM Gateway offers more memory, more ram and the largest range of up to 98 feet. Featuring a digital numbering system with a new modern, digitized look, it’s now easier for managers to identify the Gateway’s ID for internal management purposes. It‘s tag and load-balancing system means that the number of connected labels will always be evenly distributed with no overloading or underloading between Gateways.

Electronic shelf labels spec
Solum usb gateway


The USB Gateway is a stand-alone system but can also be an extension to a traditional Gateway. When added to an existing Gatway, it offers additional capacity, memory, range, and more, without the added infrastructure. Achieve a more seamless and automated data exchange between your electronic shelf labels and your command system with the option that’s right for your business.

Electronic shelf labels spec

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