Lane Hawk LH4000

Loss Prevention Point of Sale Solutions

Datalogic LaneHawk

A loss-prevention visual recognition system that identifies items without having to read the UPC code.

A solution that detects and recognizes bottom-of-the-basket items making sure they are added to the sale. A smart camera is flush-mounted in the checkout lane at foot level, continuously watching for items on the bottom of shopping carts. Using Visual Pattern Recognition (ViPR™) software, the camera is able to detect and recognize items that pass by the camera and then send the UPC information directly to the POS. At tender time, the cashier verifies the items that were found under the basket, scans those items and then finalizes the transaction.

Customer paying for grocery
Prevent losses

Studies prove that LaneHawk® effectively stops 80%-90%of bottom-of-basket BOB loss.

Increase your bottomline

LaneHawk® BOB Checkout provides the shopping convenience consumers want and the built-in investment protection you need.

Proven solution

More than 3,500 major-chain stores use LaneHawk® to stop BOB in its tracks.

Discourages shop lifting

BOB loss may be unintentional, but shoppers “forget” to point out major BOB items. LaneHawk® is vital to retail business.


  • ViPR™ Software - A database of high resolution images (called a modelset) is created containing the product packaging of common BOB items
  • ROI in less than 12 months
  • Flush-mounted camera
  • The LaneHawk LH4000 unit reduces shrink, increases revenue
  • A smart camera is flush-mounted in the checkout lane at foot level

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