POSitouch offers customized solutions for a wide range of hospitality businesses

Discover the premium software suite from POSitouch with all the features and functionality to support the needs of restaurants of all sizes. From independent to national chain table service restaurants, quick service restaurants, cafés, bars and night clubs, POSitouch is your dedicated solution for the hospitality industry.

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The Ultimate Point of Sale Solution

Providing powerful, restaurant-focused point-of-sale features and functionality.

AM/PM Systems combined with POSitouch offers a premium suite of software applications designed with the features and functionality to support restaurant operators. Made for businesses of all sizes, from independent locations to large national chains throughout North America. AM/PM Systems can scale with your business as you grow, so whether you need one terminal or fifty, POSitouch and our serviceability will be ready to exceed your POS needs.

Table service

Table Service

POSitouch specializes in advanced point of sale software solutions for the hospitality industry. Discover how POSitouch’s industry-standard functionality and feature set will provide you with the flexibility needed to run a successful table service business.

Quick service and delivery

Quick Service & Delivery

When speed matters, POSitouch delivers. Working with large, national chains to independent operators, POSitouch provides robust functionality to meet the needs of any quick service or delivery establishment.

Bars and night clubs

Bars & Night Clubs

POSitouch’s state-of-the-art POS suite is an invaluable tool for managing bar, nightclub, or other nightlife venues operations. Pair POSitouch software with the exceptional service and hardware options from AM/PM Systems for a winning combination.

Advanced Hospitality Reporting with POSitouch

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Sales Reports

Know what items were sold and when. Includes valuable insights incuding server productivity reports.

Auditing reports icon

Auditing Reports

See all of the discounts, comps and coupons applied for any given day, week or specifed period of time.

Efficiency reporting icon

Efficiency Reporting

Discover who which personnel are the best at selling and understand the efficiency of your kitchen with easy to read reports and custom filtering.

Time and attendance icon

Time & Attendance

POSitouch enables you to manage and easily access all your important payroll-related information in one convenient place.

Ready to increase efficiency in your restaurant business?

Powerful POSitouch Features Designed for Hospitality

AM/PM Systems partnered with POSitouch provides robust functionality to meet the needs of any food service establishment

Table management screen

Table Management

Reduce seating delays and increase host stand efficiency

  • Manage table turns and improve the efficiency of your hosts with real-time data on table availability
  • POSitouch offers up to six definable color changes to show table status
  • View the status of an order in the kitchen easily for better communication
  • View seat map by server, time, or section depending on the information you seek

Inventory Tracking

Track waste and keep your best-selling items in stock

  • Get specific with ingredient-level details
  • Designed to enable critical item counts and par levels
  • Generate automatic purchase orders based on your set par levels
  • Achieve daily, weekly and monthly counts
Inventory stock
Labour tracking screen

Labour Tracking

Discover ways to save on labor costs and optimize your staffing

  • Track the time and attendance of your staff
  • Create and enforce work schedules based on real data from your POS system based on forecasts, budget or templates
  • Generate neccessary payroll report
  • Validate staff work schedules with employee clock in and out feature
  • Easily manage your new hires, transfers and terminations

Tip Management

Powerful. Accurate. Wireless. Inventory counting made easy.

  • Easily set-up tip pooling and encourage teamwork
  • Choose to distribute restaurant tips based on shares, hours worked, or job/position
  • Flexible Teams is a feature that automatically allocates sales and tips to service teams
Tip written on receipt
Kitchen diplay screen

Kitchen Display

Get orders out faster with all orders displayed on a single screen.

  • KDS will send ordered menu items to the kitchen and prep stations based on the length of time preparation take
  • Individual prep stations can view the items they are responsible for by item
  • Easily distingush completed items as the order will turn green and bump to the head of the expeditor’s line
  • When the expeditor bumps an order, a Runner’s slip will print
  • Available in multiple display formats including windowed and variable

Delivery and Take-Out

Powerful. Accurate. Wireless. Inventory counting made easy.

  • Enables Caller ID integration to automatically identify the caller from your customer database
  • Manage delivery drivers with easy-to-use dispatch tools, order timing, and cash accountability
  • Easily reorder based from a customer’s order history
  • Multiple customer accounts can be assigned to the same delivery address which is ideal for office buildings or mulitple family members ordering
  • Customize your delivery zones
Delivery and take out screen

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