Self-Service Kiosks:
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Self-service kiosks are making waves in the restaurant, grocery, and retail industries across the world. The implementation of these new technologies has become a customer expectation and with reduced costs on human resources, companies benefit from reallocating staff to accomodate for labor shortages.

With over 35 years providing innovative point of sale solutions, AM/PM has the serviceability and expertise to evaluate and enhance your customer experience. Explore our featured self-service kiosks or contact us for our full range of solutions today.

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The technology worth investing in

Trendsetter restauranteurs and retailers recognize that self-serve technology is the future. With a smaller footprint and multiple options from floor stands to countertop bases, kiosks can fit perfectly into any space and take on a variety of functions to meet your needs. When you choose AM/PM, self-serve kiosks offer benefits that extend far beyond your bottom line.

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Fast Ordering

Customers are more impatient than ever. Kiosks speed up routine processes and increase throughput and as a result, they decrease delays, queues, and errors.

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Customer Experience

Self-serve kiosks empower customers to have more control over their buying experience. They offer a higher level of accuracy as the customer can review the order before confirming it.

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Maximize Your Footprint

With a variety of space-saving mounting options, kiosks can be displayed on a wall, countertop, or even in space constrained locations with a pedestal stand.

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Improve Profitability

Increased automation, in most cases, lowers operational costs and reduces overheads. During a labor shortage, reallocate staff to become more efficient and profitable.

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Kiosks designed for
Quick Service Restaurants

Self-service kiosk growth in the hospitality industry has been largely driven by consumer demand and their desire to be in control of their transactions. These digital kiosks come in a variety of sizes and offer a user-friendly interface that can be integrated with your point of sale software to allow the user to easily search and compare your products before placing their order. These order-entry kiosks can also include multi-language capabilities that simplify the shopping experience for non-english customers while also providing a higher level of privacy.

In a labor shortage environment, kiosks lower costs or provide the ability to reallocate front staff to other operations. Reduced queues make it easier to train new staff without slowing the order process or hindering the customer experience.

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Kiosks designed for
Grocery & Retail

AM/PM offers access to one of the largest portfolios of top-tier kiosks designed to meet the needs of grocers and retailers today. Retailers are recognizing that consumers now prefer fast, technology-based solutions that offer a consistent and seamless customer experience.

In a retail setting, kiosks add to the brand experience and bring the online shop in-store. Enable customers to personalize their items, sign up for promotions, and complete their purchase without the assistance from sales staff. Kiosks free up staff to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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Self-Service Kiosks

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AM/PM is proud to offer leading kiosk solutions from the top brands you know and trust. When combined with LOC SMS or STOREDYNAMICS point of sale software, and our coast-to-coast serviceability across North America, your kiosk will come equipped with all of the features and support you need to streamline your operations and boost your profit margin. We service what we sell, meaning AM/PM is your all-in-one point of sale solutions provider from software to hardware and service. No matter where your business takes you, AM/PM’s knowledgeable team is ready to exceed your expectations in project management, deployment, support, and everything in between.

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